Idea: 76-smooth-ui
Title: Make UI fast and smooth
Status: Aborted
Created: 2018-01-24
Requires (*optional): 87-new-protocol


Status app should be fast enough to provide user smooth and nice experience - no lags and UI freezes.

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor: @dmitryn
  • Testing & Evaluation: @Serhy
  • Contributor: @rasom
  • Contributor: @janherich
  • Contributor: @yenda
  • Contributor: @mandrigin
  • Contributor: @flexsurfer
  • UX: tba

Product Overview

App should be fast from user standpoint - switching screens, sending/receiving messages, dapp browsing. Every UI component should be responsible and provide almost immediate feedback to the user. For long-running operations spinner should be shown.

User stories to be resolved:


Requirements & Dependencies

Somewhat depends on 87-new-protocol idea to be finished to validate perfomance user story about getting many messages from offline (app freezes while doing that)

Minimum Viable Product

Goal Date: 2018-05-01

Description: Perf user stories have been resolved

Success Metrics

App UI perfomance is good enough when using low-end and middle-end devices like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Perfomance testing to be made by QA team, then by real-world users from focus group (needs UXR help on that).

Supporting Role Communication

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