Idea: 96
Title: Tribute to Talk
Status: In Progress - paused until post-beta
Created: 2018-03-20
Requires (*optional): TBD


Economics-based anti-spam filter, in our case for receiving messages and “cold” contact requests from users.

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor: @richard-ramos
  • Testing & Evaluation: @serhy
  • Contributor: @yenda
  • Contributor: @3esmit
  • PM: @rachelhamlin
  • UX: @denis-sharypin

Product Overview

This enables stakeholders to set a minimum amount of SNT that a Status stakeholder must deposit in order for someone outside of their network to contact him directly. If the recipient replies the deposit is forfeited to the recipient.

SNT Utility

SNT is deposited, and transferred from stakeholders to recipients upon receiving a reply from the recipient.

Example use-cases

  • Stakeholder A, a professional, would like to reach out to a high profile figure in the same industry, but would otherwise have no means of receiving a response.
  • Stakeholder B, an artist and celebrity wishes to spend some time chatting with fans, and also desires a means of monetizing their fan base.
  • Stakeholder C, a freelancer, provides photography tutorials, and has a means of generating revenue.

Product Description

Any Status user can enable Tribute to Talk and set a minimum required deposit for other users to stake in order to send them a message. Users requiring a tribute can whitelist their full contact list, or specific contacts.

If User A requires a minimum 200 SNT deposit, User B will not be able to open a new chat with User A until they deposit at least 200 SNT. Once deposited, User B can send their message.

If User A responds to User B’s message, the deposit is transferred to User A, and a conversation is opened.

If User A does not respond or User B changes their mind, User B can cancel or withdraw the request. The request will also time out automatically if User A does not respond in some number of days. In any case where User A does not respond, the deposit is returned to User B.

If User A rejects User B’s request, User B’s deposit is returned. User B will have to wait some amount of time before they are able to send a new request to User A.

In the future, User A might have the option to respond to User B but waive the deposit. User B might have the option to make a tribute to User A without requiring a response.

Requirements & Dependencies

Minimum Viable Product

Goal Date: TBD

Description: For the initial delivery, these are the minimum features proposed.

  • UI for recipients to set Tribute to Talk with required minimum deposit for any new chat
  • UI for requesters to send minimum SNT deposit and their message to users with Tribute to Talk enabled
  • UI for requesters to cancel a request and withdraw deposit
  • UI for recipient to respond to or reject new requests
  • Deposit is transferred from requester to recipient when recipient responds
  • Deposit is returned to requester if rejected or withdrawn

Next milestones and deliverables would be determined discussing and prioritizing features of the product description

Update 2019-09-05:


Goal Date: TBD

Description: TBD

Testing Days required: TBD

Exit Criteria

Any user can set up Tribute to Talk and require a deposit minimum to be contacted. Other users can put down a deposit to message them. New requests can be responded to, rejected or withdrawn. The deposit is transferred when a recipient responds, and sent back if they reject or the requester withdraws.

Success Metrics

Initial emphasis is on TtT working as expected and producing no bugs for critical events.

  • Message requests are delivered 100% reliably from requester to recipient.
  • Message responses by recipients are successfully recognized in all instances, both accepted and rejected.
  • Transfer or return of deposit to either recipient or requester is successful.

Supporting Role Communication


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