Idea: 122-sob-metrics
Title: Open Bounty - Platform Usage Metrics
Status: In progress
Created: 2018-04-04


To identify the successful use of a platform, it’s important and imperative to be able to measure its usage. As the Open Bounty platform continues to grow and evolve, its important to be able to track its growth, and make data-driven decisions.

One of the key objectives of Open Bounty is to increase the usage of the platform. The purpose of this swarm is to build the tools and means necessary to capture these metrics and be able to report on them on a regular basis.

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor\PM: @arash009 (Arash)
  • Contributor: @siphiuel (Vitaliy)
  • Testing and QA: @arash009 (Arash)

Product Overview

This swarm will create the mechanism to capture five specific metrics on the usage of Open Bounty (specific criteria for each metric yet to be defined):

  • Value transacted — This metric is to capture the $USD equivalent of total tokens that have been paid out in a given timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, annual)
  • Active bounty creators — This metric is to capture the Monthly Active Contributors who have posted a minimum of 1 bounty in the previous 30 days.
  • Active bounty hunters — This metric is to capture the Monthly Active Contributors against each organization who have succesfully completed a bounty.
  • Unique pageviews — This metric is to capture the Unique Monthly Pageviews to the Home Page ( and the Open Bounties page (
  • Activation - This metric is to capture the percentage of users who have used the platform to post or solve a bounty within XX days after joining (e.g. 30 days)

The collection of these metrics is to be automated, however their reporting and sharing can be manual, or basic automation, with future iterations looking at full automation/analytics.

Success Criteria

Milestone 1 - ‘13 April 2018’

  • Swarm participants identified
  • Swarm kick off held
  • Detailed specifications for each metric identified and documented
  • User stories and project board setup
  • Effort estimate and high-level schedule established

Milestone 2 - ‘27 April 2018’

  • All reports have been built and tested

Milestone 3 - ‘11 May 2018’

  • Graphical reports that represent the above metrics over time built and tested

Milestone 4 - ‘25 May 2018’

  • Create above reports to be made available to bounty creators for their repositories

Exit Criteria

This swarm will be deemed successful and be closed upon the delivery of the above milestones. If any of the above milestones cannot be completed within a 2-week window, they will be dropped from this swarm and parked for possible future development.

Success Metrics

Tools and means are avilable to measure Key Results

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