Idea: 127
Title: Improve OpenBounty Testing and make it easy to contribute
Status: In Progress
Created: 2018-04-02


  • make QA process in SOB team easy to understand and support;
  • in order to reduce time spent on regression testing automate main use cases;

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor:@churik
  • Testing & Evaluation: @annadanchenko
  • Contributor: @asemiankevich

Product Overview

Full and transparent QA process in Status Open Bounty team will help to involve new people into the testing process more quickly (if needed) and provide developers with more info about what was tested in particular PR or in develop branch. Ideally process should be integrated with TestRail, but initially, a smoke checklist should be defined and then automated.

All regression test cases should be automated eventually in order to reduce time for SOB testing and to find issues faster. In future would be nice to integrate GitHub pull requests with automation testing thus after PR will be built and deployed, it will trigger end-to-end tests and publish test results in PR comment. Hence this idea is a placeholder for current and future iterations of improving QA process in SOB team.


Iteration 1 - 2018-04-30


  • Tutorial video or docs about QA process in SOB team
  • Basic use cases (smoke checklist) are defined in TestRail


  • one more QA can test SOB


  • automate PR creating, new claim check in Activity feed
  • define function for PR merging, Manage Payouts check
  • all tests are running successfully in Jenkins

Iteration 2 (WIP, can be modified) - 2018-05-30

Automation (1 full test for SOB, which contains all bounty stages)

  • define function for SNT transfer
  • define function for signing transaction and payout confirmation
  • 1 full end-to-end test is running successfully in Jenkins

Exit Criteria

  • The smoke checklist is fully automated and autotests are running through each PR which comes to To test column
  • Test artifacts (screenshots, log etc.) are integrated with GitHub and put to PR comments

Success Metrics

This idea should affect the following:

  • Reduced timeframe for testing
  • Speed up feedback provided on PRs