Gas Abstraction


Idea: 150-gas-abstraction
Title: Gas Abstraction
Status: Draft
Created: 2018-02-01
Requires: 145-identity
Replaces: 073-economic-abstraction


Enable Status users to pay gas fee with any token that is valueable to society. Users would sign a message request to contracts which will use user’s Identity balance of selected token to refund proportional used gas to a incentivezed ETH owner to include that message in a transction.

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor: Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt
  • Contributor: Richard Ramos
  • Contributor: Iuri Matias
  • UX (Mist): Alexandre Van de Sande
  • UX (Status): (help needed)

Product Overview

A barrier for user adoption to blockchain through Status would be the need of holding two tokens for paying fees, ether gas for moving the SNT fee from user balance to decentralized service provider.

The product solve this by emulating a gas abstraction by adding “Gas Relayer Actor” in top of smart contracts as: IdentityGasRelay, MultiSigWallet, SNTController (updated from SNTPlaceHolder).

  • Allows SNT holder to broadcast ethereum signed messages to anyone with ETH to validate them in the GasRelay smart contracts, and offering a refund of gas used in a gas price set in SNT.
  • Whoever have ether could verify if the gas price worth the SNT gas price offered.
  • This becomes a micro trade of ETH->SNT.
  • Allow user to use any token they want (even ETH, or ETH stored in Identity).

Product Description

Gas Relay node:

  • Status Destkop extension or an independent node can include messages by making automatic transactions calls to smart contracts to earn tokens being offered as gas price refund.
  • Configuration for tokens accepted and types of contract willing to interact with. Important as fundamental pivot actor.

Identity Gas Relay adaptor:

  • include smart contract terms for accepting ethereum signed messages representing authorization to call by/for Identity owner offering a gas price refund for relayer.
  • Identity UI should allow user to choose what token it wants to use as gas price. Important for gas abstraction of call.

SNTController Gas Relay adaptor:

  • include smart contract terms for accepting ethereum signed messages to call IdentityGasRelayFactory and for moving the tokens from there using SNT controller contract.
  • a “wizard” UI would make the calls to create a Identity and send user SNT to Identity (so it can be used as ether gas). Important for opt-in gas abstraction without ever holding ether.

Requirements & Dependancies

Idea 145-identity is important to seamless and safe integration of gas abstraction for any type of call, so identity can become msg.sender for other contracts.

Minimum Viable Product

Goal Date: 2018-05-15 Description:

  • Users can use Identity paying gasPrice in any token.
  • Users can create Identity using SNTController and paying with SNT.
  • Users can earn tokens running a node that include other’s messages

Identity Gas RelayIdentity UX should allow user to choose what token it wants to use as gas price.

Goal Date: 2018-04-20 Description:

  • Gas Relay Node that recieve whisper messages from Identity owners,
  • Identity User Interface with Gas Relayed option of calls

SNT Gas Relayer

Goal Date: 2018-04-27 Description:

  • Gas Relay Node implements watching messages for SNTController
  • User interface for creating Identity (pay gas in SNT)
  • Moving SNT to other address from SNTController terms (paying gas in SNT)

UX Integration

Goal Date: 2018-05-15 Description:

  • User can create Identity paying in SNT.
  • User can select differnt tokens in gasPrice when using Identity.

Success Metrics

Users are able to use Ethereum Virtual Machine and Status Network with only ever holding SNT.

Supporting Role Communication

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