Friends Recovery (Secret Multisig)


Idea: 152-friends-recovery
Title: Friends Recovery (Secret Multisig)
Status: Draft
Created: 2018-04-07
Requires: 145-identity


A multisig controller that store owners privately and requires a secret to sign a call, to be used as a recovery for Identity through trust of selected friends.

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor: Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt
  • Testing & Evaluation:
  • Contributor: Richard Ramos
  • PM:
  • UX:

Product Overview

A bad experience of cryptosystems is the lost or exposure of a private key, which can lead to irreversible situations. Some contracts, such as Identity, support a recovery address which can recover a lost key or compromised contract. This product will provide a way of Status users selecting friends to recover this contracts, together with a built-in user interface for requesting to friends and signing recovery request from locked-out friends.

Product Description

User would be able to:

  • Use semi-private data as secret, such as personal details or biometric data.
  • Select privately a big amount of friends able to recover but only require a few of them

Locked out user would be able to:

  • Request recovery to friends

User’s friends would be able to:

  • Only know they are recovery when recovery is completed
  • Sign recovery call allowance for Friends Recovery contract to help locked out user (gas is paid by anyone/user)
  • Call Friends Recovery from Identity call allowance to help locked out friends (gas is paid by allower)

Requirements & Dependencies

  • Idea 151-Identity is the first use case of this product, but Friends Recovery contract itself don’t depend on Identity.

Minimum Viable Product

Goal Date: 2018-07-01


  • Users can use a semi-private secret answer as recovery lock
  • Users can use friends as allowance for Identity recovery
  • Users are notified when a recovery is requested for them
  • Users can help locked out friends to recover their Identity without paying gas

Success Metrics

  • Users are able to easly recover their Identity.

Exit criteria

  • Becomes an extension of Identity settings

Supporting Role Communication

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