Idea: 154
Title: Support web3.js library
Status: Completed
Created: 2018-04-09


Ensure that any DApp that works in Metamask also works in Status by providing web3.js library support.

Swarm Participants

Product Overview

A fundamental step in supporting the developer ecosystem is to ensure that any existing DApp loads and is operable in the Status browser.


  1. Developers who want to develop a new HTML DApp for Ethereum from scratch
  2. Developers of existing HTML DApps that work on desktop with Metamask
  3. Users exploring DApps in Status

There are a number of bugs preventing this currently. In addition to resolving any known issues, we will provide support for the web3.js library.

Product Description

Developers testing on Status should find that any mobile-optimized HTML DApp is compatible.

Users can load, log in to, and transact inside any DApp using the Status browser.

Requirements & Dependencies

  • #3174: Some Android devices can’t find web3 library

  • #2704: Personal sign message support (CryptoKitties blocker)

  • #784: Contract handler not called after contract deployment

  • #3823: Sync calls are not supported in Status

  • #2479: web3 filters don’t work with Status chat bot

  • #3824: Blockchain Cuties does not load inside Status

Minimum Viable Product

Goal date:


  • Fix known issues.
  • Support web3.js library v.0.20.3

Testing days required:

Swarm closed 2018-05-14.

Exit Criteria

  • Test cases defined for web3.js v.0.20.3
  • Known issues closed

Success Metrics

  • All tests pass QA
  • Every Selected DApp works (loads, logs in, transacts)

Future Iterations

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