Idea: 167
Title: Functional automated testing as a part of Continuous Delivery process
Status: In Progress
Created: 2018-04-12


For automated testing to be a part of CD process we need to:

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Product Overview

Extended set of automated tests which will run against each nightly build in order to provide results via TestRun in TestRail + short summary via Slack notification As result during nightly build testing a tester should execute only those tests which are not covered by automation in the same TestRun In case of failure in automated test a tester should add an appropriate status to the test (see An option to review results should be added for each test via adding 4 statuses to TestRail in Product Description section) Actual sanity test case which is running against each PR will keep running without changes

Product Description

Minimum Viable Product

Goal Date: 2018-05-01

Testing Days required: 10

Success Metrics

Exit criteria

Extended set of automated tests covers 80% of functional nightly test cases from TestRail The set is running against each nightly build Results are visible in TestRail as TestRuns, also summary is visible in Slack notifications

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