Idea: 000-status-index
Title: Status Index
Status: Draft
Created: 2018-04-27


We have a growing number of very useful standalone webpages that are providing valuable informations and services.

Examples of those are:

  • cluster visualization,
  • cluster status,
  • history of the #status channel on the different whisper networks,
  • nightly build QR codes page (
  • people list (
  • documentation

The goal of this swarm is to build an index of these pages so that they can be listed and easily accessed from a single place. We also want to make sure that each of these pages are documented to make it easy to reproduce them or for someone other than their creator to contribute.

Current status

  • weekly sync calls tbd

Swarm Participants

  • Lead Contributor: yenda
  • Evaluator (defaults to lead contributor):
  • Contributor:
  • Contributor:
  • QA:
  • PM (required for user-facing):
  • UX(R) (required for user-facing swarms):

Product Overview

The purpose of this Swarm is to build an index of all the standalone webpages that have been built by various members of the team and should be made accessible via a simple single directory page. We will evaluate cloud/container provider to host/run those websites as well.

It also aims at pushing production of documentation to make it easier to contribute to this projects and troubleshoot them.

User Stories

What user stories are you solving? As as status core developper, I have troubles with messaging, I suspect the cluster to be responsible, I want to be able to go to and find the page that will show me the current status of the cluster.

As a status community member, I want to create a bot that interacts with status clients with status communication protocol. I want to be able to easily find the documentation of the communication protocol by checking

As a status community member, I want to improve the static website rendering status ideas repository. I want to be able to check on and find the documentation on how this website is built so that I can contribute.

Security and Privacy Implications



Weekly sync call tbd

Minimum Viable Product

Mandatory, completes the Idea in the fastest route possible, can be hacky, needed to feel progress. See

Goal Date:


Iteration 1

Goal Date:


Success Metrics

  • In-org survey shows 80+% of the team is aware of the existence of the page

Exit criteria

  • The index web page is online at

Supporting Role Communication

Once Requirements and Goals are fleshed out, then it should be communicated to supporting organelles if required

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