Idea: 266-methrics
Title: Methrics
Status: Draft
Created: 2018-05-17


A decentralized and anonymized approach to application metrics

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Product Overview

Striking the balance between delivering a beautiful app and respecting the privacy of the user remains a task fraught with difficult tradeoffs.

One such tradeoff is the collection of application metrics from users as they use the application - in that process, people have little insight into what is being collected and how it may be used, within or outside of its intended purpose.

The decentralized open metrics idea is an experiment to explore fully transparent metrics collection where the data is available to the user and to anyone else as it’s being collected, with minimal leakage outside of its stated scope.

Metrics are generally not limited to data that is explicitly generated for the purpose of tracking, but also include other traces that the user might leave behind as they navigate the application, such as transactions and dapp assets hosted on web sites, and part of the product idea is to explore ways to expose and break down these trails for the user such that they become accessible and understandable.

To explore as part of this project is how to ensure that data retention laws such as GDPR are accounted for.

User Stories

Requirements & Dependencies

Security and Privacy Implications

Guideline: if not a primary necessity for application to perform its tasks, should it be there?

The security and privacy implications of enabling tracking in any application are significant - there are many things that can go wrong when creating a corpus of behavioral data, specially when valuable assets are involved.

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